All potions and recipes in Wacky Wizards | Roblox Wacky Wizards Full Potions List

Wacky Wizards is a a potion-making game that lets you create all kinds of magical concoctions. All potion recipes in Roblox Wacky Wizards have an effect on your character. With tons of different ingredients to mix and match, drinking the potions you create causes lots of different effects to your body. They can make you stronger against tough enemies like Mr. Rich, or transform your Avatar»s proportions. With nearly 150 potions in the game, we have the complete list of free and premium potions below, along with all the recipes and descriptions.

All Free Potions in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Update Nov. 10

  • Chill update and new potions!

All of the potions listed below are created from free ingredients that users collect in the game while playing. Many of these recipes are silly and made for laughs such as the Squirting potion, but there are some useful ones here that provide lots of damage to enemies like the Dynamite potion. Others also transform your Avatar’s body dimensions or turn you into a new creature entirely! See our guide here on how to become a witch in Roblox Wacky Wizards.

Potions Recipe Description
1 Speedy Giraffe Hoof Speed your character up
2 Squirting Rotten Sandwich Uh oh! Poo Poo!
3 Noodley Pool Noodle Give yourself noodle arms!
4 Tiny Fairy Make yourself smaller
5 Flounder Fish Flop like a fish!
6 Floating Bird Get lighter!
7 Explosive Dynamite BOOOOOOOOOM
8 Zombie Brain Become a zombie!
9 Warty Spider Get warts
10 Camouflage Chameleon Camouflage to your surroundings
11 Giant Giant’s Ear Become huge
12 Hot Chilli Catch on fire!
13 Beany Benas mhmmm beannnnnsss
14 Jandel Jandel’s Head Become Jandel (Creator)
15 Foryxe Foryxe’s Head Become Foryxe (Creator)
16 Cleetus Cleetus’s Hat Become Flamingo
17 Identity Theft You Clone yourself
18 Unresolved Size Fairy + Giant’s Ear Keep getting smaller and bigger
19 Enlarged Head Brain + Giant’s Ear Grow your head
20 Tiny Head Brain + Fairy Shrink your head
21 Tall Potion Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear Get Taller
22 Shrink Ray Chameleon + Fairy Shrink yourself to death
23 Leg Day Giraffe Hoof + Fairy Get tiny legs
24 Wide Load Beans + Giant’s Ear GEEET WIDEEE!
25 Iron Pool Noodle + Giant’s Ear Get big arms!
26 Long Neck Giraffe Hoof + Pool Noodle Long neck!
27 Centipede Pool Noodle + Spider Become a centipede
28 Digging Pool Noodle + Beans Become a worm
29 Rocket Dynamite + Bird Prepare for liftoff!
30 Bald Brain + Chilli Burn off your accessories
31 Fire Walking Bird + Chilli Walk on fire!
32 Fire Breathing Rotten Sandwich + Chilli Breath fire!
33 Swim Bird + Fish Swim in the air!
34 Mermaid Fairy + Fish Become a mermaid
35 Puffed Beans + Fish Become a puffer fish
36 Octo Giraffe Hoof + Spider + Fish Become an octopus
37 Air Jumper Bird + Giraffe Hoof Double Jump
38 Bang Brain + Giant’s Ear + Dynamite Grow… THEN BANG Your HEAD!
39 Ticking Brain + Dynamite Head explosion… ouch
40 Bouncy Giraffe Hoof + Dynamite Explode your feet
41 Firework Pool Noodle + Dynamite Turn yourself into a firework
42 Exploding Squirts Rotten Sandiwch + Dynamite POO THAT EXPLODES!
43 Popping Beans + Dynamite POP
44 Speckled Spider + Chameleon Rainbow colored warts
45 Ragdoll Brain + Rotten Sandwich RAGDOLL 🙁
46 Limp Pool Noodle + Rotten Sandwich Go limp…
47 Slowing Hoof Giraffe Hoof + Rotten Sandwich Walk slower
48 Giant Squirts Giant’s Ear + Rotten Sandwich HUGEEE POO POO
49 Cloning Farts Fairy + Rotten Sandwich Poo mini-me versions of yourself
50 Buirts Beans + Rotten Sandwich I don’t feel so well
51 Invisible Brain + Chameleon Turn invisible
52 Invisible Brain + Chameleon + Brain Spoookkky no more head!
53 Legged Giraffe Hoof + Spider Grow spider legs
54 Minions Fairy + Spider Have spider minions!
55 Ghostly Bird + Spider Turn into a ghost
56 Banana Beans + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy BECOME A GORILLA!
57 Loong Head Brains + Beans STREEETCHEDDD HEAD!
58 High-heel Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof Wear high heels!
59 Doppleganger You + Chameleon Become your neighbours!
60 Headwards You + Brain Turn your head upside down!
61 Upside Down You + Brain + You Turn yourself upside down!
62 Wizard Jandel’s Head + Foryxe’s Head Become Oz the Wizard!
63 Heatseeking Dynamite + Bird + Dynamite Dangerous flying
64 Sally Pool Noodle + Cleetus’s Hat Become earthworm sally…
65 Nuclear Dynamite + Giant’s Ear Be careful not to touch anything!
66 Levitate Bird + Fairy Levitate!
67 Skinny Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Fairy Be skinny!
68 Rolling You + Pool Noodle ROLLLLLINNNNGGG!
69 Bouncy Giraffe Hoof + Dynamite + Beans BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE!
70 Crumbly Chameleon + Beans You’ve eaten so many beans that you become them
71 Robux Robux Drop a trail of Robux!
72 Empyreus Robux + Brain Get a Dominus Empyreus!
73 Link Robux + You Become the richest player on ROBLOX!
74 Hat-grower Robux + Giant’s Ear Grow your accessories
75 Buxly Robux + Chameleon You are so rich you have become the bux
76 Robux Robux + Giraffe Hoof Get Korblox!
77 Sketch Sketch Become Sketch!
78 Jayingee Jayingee Become Jayingee!
79 Flybux Robux + Bird Become a flying ROBUC!
80 Poor Robux + Rotten Sandwich Hey, this ROBUX potion didn’t work!
81 Square Robux + Fish MR KRABS!
82 Mr. Rich Cyclops Eye Please don’t fire any cannons at me…
83 Golden Robux + Fairy Become a golden statue!
84 Premiumsalad PremiumSalad Become PremiumSalad!
85 Invert Witches Brew Invert the world!
86 Vomit Beans + Witches Brew ERGHERHEGUERHER
87 Broom Fairy + Witches Brew Fly on a broomstick!
88 Pumpkin Robux + Witches Brew SUPER RARE PUMPKIN!
89 Detacher Brain + Witches Brew CATCH YOUR head!
90 Crows Bird + Witches Brew Summon your crow army…
91 Smelling Pool Noodle + Witches Brew Grow a witches nose…
92 Truck Giant’s Ear + Witches Brew Get a BIGG BUTT!
93 Witchy You + Witches Brew Become Glinda the witch!
94 Twitchy Rotten Sandwich + Witches Brew TWITCH TWITCH TWITCH!
95 Banging Warts Dynamite + Witches Brew Have explosive warts!
96 Ratty Spider + Witches Brew BECOME A RAT!
97 Punchy Potion Boxing Gloves Big boxer
98 Hot-Punch Chilli + Boxing Gloves Punch them on fire. WHO
99 Gravity-punch potion Bird + Boxing Gloves Anti gravity punching. DO
100 BRAINS-punch potion Brain + Boxing Gloves Zombifying punching. YOU
101 Kaboom Dynamite + Boxing Gloves Pack an explosive punch. TRUST
102 BEANOCK Beans + Boxing Gloves Punch people into Beans
103 KnockPunch Giant’s Ear + Boxing Gloves Punch people away!
104 Noodle Combo Chameleon + Pool Noodle Combine for more noodle arms!
105 Spaghetti Chameleon + Fairy + Chameleon + Pool Noodle Spaghetti Arms!
106 Firey-arms Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Chilli Fire Noodle Arms!
107 Big-arms Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Giant’s Ear BIG Noodle Arms!
108 Neon Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Witches Brew NEON NOODLE ARMS!
109 Beanrms Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Beans BEAN NOODLE ARMS!
110 Broom Fairy + Witches Brew + Dynamite Troll potion, that explodes
111 Fancy Zombie Robux + Chameleon + Brain A very fancy zombie 🙂
112 Lanky Justin LANKY BOX 🙂
113 Spiderman You + Spider SLING WEBS!
114 Flame-rolling You + Pool Noodle + Chilli FLAMING ROLL!
115 Letss-goooo Chameleon + Pool Noodle + You DA BABY ARMS!
116 Poisoonn Rotten Sandwich + Boxing Gloves Poison people with your punches
117 Headless Bird + Brain Lose your head!
118 Long Rat Spider + Witches Brew + Pool Noodle Become a long rat
119 Oink Pet Tags Get a pet pig
120 Trunk Giant’s Ear + Pet Tags Get a pet elephant
121 Creepy-Crawly Spider + Pet Tags Get a pet spider
122 Lizard Chameleon + Pet Tags Get a pet lizard
123 Ssssssssssssssssssss Pool Noodle + Pet Tags Get a pet snake
124 Magical Fairy + Pet Tags Get a pet unicorn
125 New Zealand Jandel’s Head + Pet Tags Get a pet kiwi
126 New Zealand Foryxe’s Head + Pet Tags Get a pet kiwi
127 Armed Giraffe Hoof + Spider + Pool Noodle Grow spider arms
128 Bee disguise Sleepy Bee Become a bee
129 Honey Honey Get covered in honey!
130 Fire Farting Beans + Chilli
130 Onett You + Honey Become Onett!
131 Buzzing Bird + Honey Grow bee wings
132 Rushhh Giraffe Hoof + Honey SUGARRR RUSH!!!
133 Honeymelt Chilli + Honey Melt into honey
134 Sweet-arms Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Honey Honey flavored Noodle Arms!
135 Rainbow-body Honey + Chameleon Turn into a lovellly rainbow!
136 Buzz Honey + Pet Tags Get a pet bee
137 Queenly Honey + Robux Become the queen bee
138 Buzzy head Honey + Brain Get a bee for a head
139 Fire-farting Beans + Chilli
140 Hot-noodles Eggcano Get pretty hot Noodle Arms!
141 Hot-noodles Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Eggcano Get pretty hot Noodle Arms!
142 Cloneboom You + Eggcano Poor little clone!
143 Flash Eggcano + Giraffe Hoof Run like THE FLASH AHHHHH
144 Exploding-bee Eggcano + Honey Bee that explodes!
145 Fireball Eggcano + Bird Become a fireball!
146 Flaming-skin Eggcano + Chilli MY SKINS ON FIRE
147 Ssssssssssssssss Eggcano + Dynamite Become a creeper!
148 Hot-rich Eggcano + Robux Get a dominus!
149 Steamy Eggcano + Fish Turn into a cloud of steam 🙁
150 Melty Eggcano + Rotten Sandwich Turn into lava 🙁
151 Firebee You + Honey + Eggcano Turn into a fire bee from Bee Swarm Simulator!
152 Cano Eggcano + Pool Noodle Turn into a small beancano!d
153 Boxing Eggcano + Boxing Gloves Kickboxing!
154 Sweet-arms Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Eggcano + Honey Get sticky arms!
155 Glowing Eggcano + Chameleon GLOW IN THE DARK
156 KSI KSI Become KSI
157 Blood-sucking Bird + Fairy + Spider Grow bat wings!
158 Potion-arms Jandel’s Head + Foryxe’s Head + Chameleon + Pool Noodle Potion Arms!
159 how did you find this? Jandel’s head + Foryxe’s head + Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Chameleon
160 Fumblebottom Kaden Become Kaden Fumblebottom
161 Jellyfish Pool Noodle + Fish JELLLLLY FISHHH
162 Bouncy-body Brain + Rotten Sandwich + Bird BOUNCY BODY!
163 Sweetball Witches Brew + Honey Throw a honey ball!
164 Creepy Hands Giant’s Ear + You Grow creepy hands
165 Bean-man KSI + Beans Become the bean man!
166 Frog Frog Become a frog!
167 Frog-legs Frog + Giraffe Hoof Grow Frog Legs!
168 Prince Frog + You Become a cursed prince!
169 Tadpole Frog + Fish Become a tadpole!
170 Thicc Frog + Giant’s Ear Grow big legs
171 Banging-feet Frog + Dynamite Explode when you jump
172 Grapple-tongue Frog + Brain Use your frogs tongue
173 Hibertnation Frog + Rotten Sandwich Go to sleep
174 Infinite Frog + Fairy Infinite double jump
175 Lilyjump Bird + Giraffe Hoof + Frog Double jump and place a lily!
176 Eyes Frog + Chameleon Grow eyes that stair at people… creepy…
177 Bounce-high Frog + Bird Jump higher!
178 Lilypad-jumping Bird + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy + Frog + Frog Jump on a lilypad infinitely!
179 Frog-boxing Frog + Boxing Gloves Wart… Boxing… Gross…
180 Wall-walker Giraffe Hoof + Frog + Spider Walk on walls
181 Eeely Frog + Pool Noodle Morph into an eel
182 Bullet Gun A simple gun 🙂
183 Dynamite slinger Gun + Dynamite Sling dynamite!
184 Giant-ray Gun + Giant’s Ear Shot people with a giant ray!
185 Flamethrower Gun + Chilli BURNNNNNNN PEOPLE!
186 Bee-cannon Gun + Honey Fire bees!!!
187 Shrink ray Gun + Fairy Make people smaller!
188 Beangun Gun + Beans FIRE BEANS 😀 😀 😀
189 Watergun Gun + Fish Squirtttt
190 Poopy-gun Gun + Rotten Sandwich FIRE POOP
191 Pig launcher Gun + Pet Tags Fire gurt
192 Poison hair Gun + Spider Fire gurt
193 Buxshoot Gun + Robux Fire Robux
194 Cow disguise Cow Hat Disguise yourself as a cow
195 Alien-arms Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Alien Parasite
196 Martian monkey Jandel’s Head + Alien Parasite Become a Martian Monkey
197 Parasite Rotten Sandwich + Alien Parasite AHHH A PARASITE IS ON YOUR FACE
198 Vapor Dynamite + Alien Parasite Get vaporized
199 Alienhead Giant’s Ear + Alien Parasite Grow a big aliens head
200 Eyeyyyy Frog + Alien Parasite Grow ALIEN EYES
201 Legs Giraffe Hoof + Alien Parasite Alien Legs
202 Neon Chameleon + Alien Parasite Become a bright green alien
203 Zero-gravity Bird + Alien Parasite LOSE ALL GRAVITY
204 DNA-scramble Gun + Alien Parasite DNA scrambler gun
205 Alien-clone You + Alien Parasite Become who you touch
206 Alien-eruption Eggcano + Pool Noodle + Eggcano Slime eruption
207 Alien-baby Fairy + Alien Parasite BABABY REDACTED
208 Alien Alien Parasite Alien Parasite
209 Nexure Nexure’s Head Become Nexure!
210 Nomer Nomer’s Head Become Nomer!
211 Void Star Void Star Become StarWars!
212 Long-bee Pool noodle + Sleepy Bee Become a LOONG BEE
213 Gills Axolotl Grow Axolotl Gills
214 Axolotl Axolotl + You AXOLOTL
215 Flying-bean Beans + Bird Become a flying bean
216 Fedora Fedora GAMER
217 Mariofly Mariofly5’s Mask Become Mariofly5!
218 Discoman Disco ball Become the man of disco
219 FIRE MUH LASER Disco ball + Alien Parasite Fire lasers
220 Techno-viking Disco Ball + Giants Ear Become the Techno Viking
221 Confetti-cannon Disco Ball + Gun Fire the confetti cannon
222 Neon-body Disco Ball + Chameleon Become the neon party animal!
223 Disco-head Disco Ball + Brain Grow a disco head!
224 Disco-body Disco Ball + Brain + You Become the disco
225 Confettiplosion Disco Ball + Dynamite Explode into confetti
226 Tail Disco Ball + Witches Brew Tail
227 Afro Disco Ball + Robux Get that bling bling afro
228 Rainfro Disco Ball + Robux + Chameleon Get that bling bling rainbow afro
229 Pet Frog Pet Tag + Frog Pet frog
230 Disco-grenade Disco Ball + Chili Disco Grenade
231 Speaker Disco Ball + Fairy Disco Grenade
232 Slinky Disco Ball + Pool Noodle Become the human slinky
233 Pumpkin-head 2021 Pumpkin Protects you from ender!
234 Headless horse Giraffe Hoof + 2021 Pumpkin Become the headless horse
235 Jackbomb Dynamite + 2021 Pumpkin Drop a jack-o-bomb
236 San Beans + 2021 Pumpkin Become the Sans
237 Skelly Spider + 2021 Pumpkin Become the skeleton
238 Dave Poll Noodle + 2021 Pumpkin Become Dave Skellington
239 Broomed Witches Brew + 2021 Pumpkin Fly on a broom as a witch!
240 Pumoodle Chameleon + Pool Noodle + 2021 Pumpkin Get pumpkin noodle arms!
241 Skull-arms 2021 Pumpkin + Spider + Pool Noodle + Chameleon Get skeleton noodle arms!
242 Pump-legs Giant’s Ear + 2021 Pumpkin Grow pumpkin legs!
243 Handed-head Brain + 2021 Pumpkin Grab your own head!
244 Youkin You + 2021 Pumpkin Become a giant pumpkin!
245 Pump-gloves Boxing Gloves + 2021 Pumpkin Pumpkin Gloves!
246 Sweet-shot Gun + 2021 Pumpkin Fire candy!
247 Candy-poop Rotten Sandwich + 2021 Pumpkin Poop candy!
248 Skeleton-spine Undead Grow a skeleton spine!
249 RIP Undead + Rotten Sandwich Placed in a grave
250 Skeleton-arms Undead + Fairy Get skeleton arms!
251 Frankenstein Undead + You Become Frankenstein!
252 Giant-cyclops Undead + Giant’s Ear Become a Cyclops!
253 Bone-gloves Undead + Boxing Gloves Bone Gloves!
254 Skull Undead + Brain Grow a skeleton head
255 Zombie-fish Undead + Fish Become a zombie fish!
256 Mr-explosion Undead + Dynamite Mr-explosion potion
257 Skeleton-wings Undead + Bird Grow skeleton wings!
258 Skeleton-legs Undead + Giraffe Hoof Grow skeleton legs!
259 Demon-girl Undead + Spider Run around possesed!
260 Pet-pumpkin 2021 Pumpkin + Pet Tags Get a pet pumpkin!
261 Bone-bow Undead + Gun Get a bone bow!
262 Fire-spine Undead + Chili Get a fiery skeleton spine!
263 Manublox Manu Become Manublox!
264 Zom-bee Undead + Honey Become a ZOM-BEE
265 Ghostbuster-equipment GhostHunter Gear Get ghostbuster equipment
266 Levitation Ghost Levitate like a ghost!
267 Echtoplasm-melt Ghost + Chili Become a melting ghost!
268 Ghost-bee Ghost + Honey Become a Ghost Bee!
269 Grim-reaper Ghost + Undead Become the grim reaper!
270 Flying-dutchman Ghost + Fish Become the flying dutchman!
271 Ghost-vision Ghost + Rotten Sandwich Enter the Ghost Dimension!
272 Marshmellow-giant Ghost + Giant’s Ear Become a giant marshmellow man!
273 Teal-pacghost Ghost + Brain + Fish Become a teal pacghost!
274 Ghost-elephant Giant’s Ear + Pet Tags + Ghost Get a pet ghost elephant!
275 Ghost-foryxe Foryxe’s Head + Pet Tags + Ghost Get a pet ghost Foryxekiwi!
276 Ghost-jandel Jandel’s Head + Pet Tags + Ghost Get a pet ghost Jandelkiwi!
277 Ghost-lizard Chameleon + Pet Tags + Ghost Get a pet ghost chameleon!
278 Ghost-pig Ghost + Pet Tags Get a pet ghost pig!
279 Ghost-snake Pool Noodle + Pet Tags + Ghost Get a pet ghost snake!
280 Ghost-spider Spider + Pet Tags + Ghost Get a pet ghost spider!
281 Ghost-unicorn Fairy + Pet Tags + Ghost Get a pet ghost unicorn!
282 Ghost-pumpkin 2021 Pumpkin + Pet Tags + Ghost Get a ghost pumpkin pet!
283 Scared Ghost + You Get scared!
284 Red-pacghost Ghost + You Become a red pacghost
285 Pink-pacghost Ghost + Brain + Fairy Become a pink pacghost!
286 Orange-pacghost Ghost + Brain + Dynamite Become a orange pacghost!
287 Candycorn-arms Corn Get candy corn arms
288 Movie-popcorn Corn + Brain Become movie theatre popcorn!
289 Scarecrow Corn + Bird Become a scarecrow!
290 Corndude Corn + You Transform into corn
291 Candycorn-bee Corn + Honey Become a candy corn bee!
292 Candycorn-legs Corn + Giraffe Hoof Get candy corn legs
293 Popcorn-poop Corn + Rotten Sandwich Poop popcorn
294 Corn-grenade Corn + Dynamite Get a corn grenade
295 Popcorn-firework Corn + Chili Turn into popcorn firework
296 Rainbow-popcorn-firework Corn + Chili + Chameleon Turn into a rainbow popcorn firework
297 Popcorn-explosion Corn + Beans Explode into popcorn!
298 Popcorn-gloves Corn + Boxing Gloves Explode into popcorn!
299 Popcorn-gun Corn + Gun Get a popcorn gun!
300 ??? ??? ???
301 British-tea Honey + Beans A good cup ol’ cup of tea darling!
302 Sandwich-morph Rotten Sandwich + You Become…a…sandwich…whaat
303 Slenderrr Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Witches Brew You found a note
304 Sans-rider Undead + Eggcano GHOSSSST-RIDDAAAAA + SANS
305 Sparkler-head Undead + Discoball Sparkler Head
306 Corn-arms Pool Noodle + Corn Corn Arms
307 Corn-legs Pool Noodle + Corn + Giraffe Hoof Corn Legs
308 Explosive-vomit Beans + Witches Brew + Dynamite Your vomit is explosive!
309 Flying-eye Cyclops Eye + Bird Become Mr. Rich’s flying eye LOL!
310 Sunburn Chili + You Burning sun of death!

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Premium Potions in Roblox Wacky Wizards

The premium potions in Roblox Wacky Wizards contain at least one premium ingredient in each recipe. These premium ingredients cost Robux to obtain, so you will have to pay real money to create the potions in the list below. Once paid for, these ingredients are yours to keep. Premium potions are recognizable in the potions book by the yellow highlighted texted.

Potions Recipe Description
P1 Frozen Frozen Egg Become frozen!
P2 God Zeus’s Beard Harness the power of zeus!
P3 Rotation Hat of Gears Rotate your body
P4 Leafy Magic Seed Become one with nature
P5 60’s Magic Seed + Fairy Grow flowers wherever you go!
P6 Accelerating Zeus’s Beard + Giraffe Hoof Getting faster and faster…
P7 Air Walk Bird + Frozen Egg WHERES MY SUPERSUIT!
P8 Boombox Hat of Gears + Zeus’s Beard Play music!
P9 Bushy Magic Seed + Chameleon Turn into a hidden bush!
P10 Dizzy Hat of Gears + Brain Spin your head!
P11 Fuse Hat of Gears + Dynamite you don’t have much time
P12 Hard as Masgic Seed + Chameleon + Hat of Gears TURN INTO ROCK!
P13 Headdle Hat of Gears + Giraffe Hoof + Brain Let your friends sit on your head!
P14 Human Flight Zeus’s Beard + Bird FLY LIKEEE A BIRD
P15 Ice Frozen Egg + Chameleon Become ice
P16 Infectious Zeus’s Beard + Rotten Sandwich Infect players around you with warts
P17 Jetpack Hat of Gears + Bird Create a jetpack
P18 Saddle Hat of Gears + Giraffe Hoof Let your friends sit on your back!
P19 Shroom Magic Seed + Rotten Sandwich Grow mushrooms wherever you go!
P20 Statue Chameleon + Zeus’s Beard Turn players white
P21 Slip Giraffe Hoof + Frozen Egg SLLIPPPPERRRY!
P22 Stumped Magic Seed + Giraffe Hoof Grow tree legs!
P23 Sus Hat of Gears + Beans verrrrrry susss
P24 Unlucky Zeus’s Beard + Dynamite That’s unfortunate
P25 Waterwalking Fish + Frozen Egg WALK ON WATER
P26 Rock Bender Magic Seed + Zeus’s Beard Bend rocks to your will!
P27 Teleportation Zeus’s Beard + Fairy Teleport wherever your heart desires!
P28 Meteorite Zeus’s Beard + Beans Fire bean meteorites!
P29 Flying Poo Hat of Gears + Bird + Rotten Sandwich Create a jetpack from poop
P30 Clone Army You + Magic Seed Clone yourself
P31 Caveman You + Frozen Egg Become a prehistoric caveman
P32 Size Controller Fairy + Giant’s Ear + Zeus’s Beard Control Your Size
P33 Golden Tree Robux + Magic Seed Grow a golden tree!
P34 Bux Walk Robux + Frozen Egg Walk on ROBUX!
P35 Throbux Robux + Hat of Gears MAKE IT RAIN ROBUX!
P36 Goldify Robux + Fairy + Chameleon + Zeus’s Beard Turn players golden!
P37 Death Magic Seed + Witches Brew Grow a dead tree!
P38 Floating Hat of Gears + Witches Brew Would you look at that, a floating hat!
P39 Vehicle Wheel Turn into a car!
P40 Monster Giant’s Ear + Wheel Turn into a monster truck!
P41 Limo Pool Noodle + Wheel Turn into a limo!
P42 Teeny Wheel Fairy + Wheel Turn into a tiny car!
P43 Let’s Goo Beans + Wheel Let’s goooo!
P44 Take Off Bird + Wheel Take off like a plane… kind of…
P45 Kachow Zeus’s Beard + Wheel KA-CHOW
P46 Burning Car Chilli + Wheel BURNING
P47 Ant Spider + Wheel Become an ANT MOBILE!
P48 Rich Robux + Wheel Drive this rich mans car!
P49 Explodespell Zeus’s Beard + Witches Brew Cast an explosion!
P50 Frozen-hit potion Frozen Egg + Boxing Gloves Hit them cold!
P51 Shocking-hit potion Zeus’s Beard + Boxing Gloves Hit them with electricity!
P52 Icy-arm Chameleon + Noodle + Frozen Egg Fire Noodle Arms!
P53 Frozen Frozen Egg + Magic Seed Become a Frozen Tree!
P54 Freeze-burn Frozen Egg + Chilli Freeze to death!
P55 Spinny legs Giraffe Hoof + Fairy + Hat of Gears Spin your legs!
P56 Melting Frozen Egg + Witches Brew Melt into the abyss!
P57 Sus-Punch Hat of Gears + Beans + Boxing Gloves Punch people sus
P58 Oink-Mount Mount Ride a Pig
P59 Happy Feet Frozen Egg + Pet Tags Get a pet penguin
P60 Penguin Mount Mount + Frozen Egg Ride a penguin
P61 Giraffe Mount Mount + Giraffe Hoof Ride a giraffe
P62 Sssssss Mount Mount + Pool Noodle Get eaten by a snake
P63 Lizard Mount Mount + Chameleon Ride a lizard
P64 Spooky Mount Mount + Spider Ride a spider
P65 Giant Mount Mount + Giant’s Ear Ride an elephant
P66 Unicorn Mount Mount + Fairy Ride a unicorn
P67 New Zealand Mount Mount + Jandel’s Head Ride a kiwi
P68 New Zealand Mount Mount + Foryxe’s Head Ride a kiwi
P69 Beed Zeus’s Beard + Honey Spawn Bee’s where you click
P70 Bee mount Honey + Mount Get a bee mount
P71 Fire-statue Chameleon + Zeus’s Beard + Eggcano Turn players golden!
P72 Cauldron Mr. Cauldron Becoming a working cauldron!
P73 Cannon Mr. Cauldron + Dynamite Become a cannon and fire players out!
P74 ? ? ?
P75 Erupting Eggcano + Hat of Gears Summon a volcano!
P76 Beany Mr. Cauldron + Beans Become a can of beans and let players eat!
P77 Pressing Mr. Cauldron + Eggcano Don’t let anyone touch!
P78 Landmine Mr. Cauldron + Giraffe Hoof Drop a landmine
P79 Honey-walk Honey + Frozen Egg Walk on water with honey!
P80 Lava-walk Eggcano + Frozen Egg Walk on water with lava!
P81 Blastoff Mr. Cauldron + Bird Become a rideable rocketship
P82 Cooker Mr. Cauldron + Chilli Cook people!
P83 Hot-air balloon Mr. Cauldron + Giant’s Ear Hot Air Balloon!
P84 Bouncy Mr. Cauldron + Pool Noodle Place a trampoline!
P85 Fuser Mr. Cauldron + Chameleon Fuse into players around you!
P86 Stickybomb Hat of Gears + Dynamite + Honey Throw a sticky bomb!
P87 Car-seat Mr. Cauldron + Wheel Become a car with seats for others!!
P88 Iced-skin Eggcano + Chilli + Frozen Egg Have frozen skin!
P89 Fuser Mr. Cauldron + Fairy EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!
P90 Lilypad-morph Magic Seed + Frog Morph into a lilypad
P91 Control-jump Zeus’s Beard + Frog Control your jump height
P92 Uni Hat of Gears + Frog Ride a unicycle
P93 Airstrike potion AirStrike Call in an airstrike
P94 Shrink-beam potion AirStrike + Fairy Hit people and shrink them to death
P95 Freeze-gun potion Gun + Frozen Egg FREEZE PEOPLE!
P96 Bee-swarm potion AirStrike + Honey Bee Swarm!
P97 Big-gun potion AirStrike + Giant’s Ear Get a very big gun!
P98 Gun-fire potion AirStrike + Gun Fire guns… what?
P99 Freeze storm potion AirStrike + Frozen Egg Create a storm that freezes players
P100 Throw nukes potion AirStrike + Dynamite Throw nukes
P101 Fire napalm potion AirStrike + Chilli Fire Napalm
P102 IED potion AirStrike + Beans Spawn a bean can IED
P103 UFO potion Alien Parasite + Wheel Fly an UFO!
P104 Laser-strike potion Alien Parasite + AirStrike ORBITAL STRIKE!
P105 Sus-gun potion Hat of Gears + Beans + Gun SUS GUN 🙂
P106 Abduction potion Alien Parasite + Wheel + AirStrike Abduct people in PVP
P107 Superman potion Superhero Cape Become the Superman
P108 Spider-dude potion Superhero Cape + Spider Become Spider-Dude
P109 Green-dude potion Superhero Cape + Giant’s Ear Become the big green dude who’s mad
P110 Invisible potion Superhero Cape + Chameleon Become invisible…whenever you want!
P111 Portal potion Superhero Cape + Gun Think in portals
P112 Aquaman potion Superhero Cape + Fish Become part of the sea!!!
P113 Werewolf potion Superhero Cape + Witches Brew HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWL
P114 Purple-dude potion Superhero Cape + Zeus’s Beard Purple Dude
P115 Human-torch potion Superhero Cape + Chili The HUMAN TORCH
P116 Purple-car potion Superhero Cape + Wheel You could live with your failure
P117 Sabre potion Superhero Cape + Boxing Gloves VOOOOSH
P118 Flash potion Superhero Cape + Giraffe Hoof SUPER SPEEDY
P119 Frog-mount potion Mount + Frog Ride a Frog
P120 Fart-villain potion Superhero Cape + Rotten Sandwich Become the villain of fart
P121 Manbat potion Superhero Cape + Robux Be the man bat… wait the batman? no…no…manbat?
P122 Ivy potion Superhero Cape + Magic Seed The poison ivy
P123 Sus-o-ween Hat of Gears + Beans + 2021 Pumpkin Become Sus of Ween!
P124 Ghost-forcefield Ghost + Frozen Egg Get a ghost force field!
P125 Ghost-penguin Frozen Egg + Pet Tags + Ghost Get a pet ghost penguin!

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